Sales and Use Tax Consulting

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Proactive Tax Planning

Our mission is to help our clients prosper. Project Managers have plenty on their plate — dealing with contractors, project location, construction sequence, timeline, etc. The last thing they want to add to this list is researching and decoding sales tax law. Yet ignoring the sales tax aspects and implications of a project can easily amount to a 2 to 8% loss of their budget. Budget that could be better invested elsewhere or moved to the bottom line.

Understanding all of the variables in a business deal is essential. Sales Tax is one of those variables. But too often, Project Managers do not think of it as a variable, but simply “the cost of doing business”.

While it may be true that some amount of sales tax liability is inevitable, not understanding the applicable sales tax laws and jurisdictions can easily ruin a project’s budget.

Our years of experience and operational thinking help you uncover the information required to make better decisions. Identifying tax saving opportunities, avoiding unnecessary costs, and steering you through the minefield of sales tax laws is what we do.  We can identify these opportunities in the planning phase of projects, when the full bottom-line impact can be felt, not in hindsight, when unnecessary losses have already occurred and may be irreversible.  

Tax planning runs the gamut from consultation on project plan implementation and timing to creating and providing sales and use tax purchase documentation to a complete reverse sale and use tax audit.

We have helped multiple oil and gas companies neutralize serious damage to their profits by identifying pitfalls, reviewing daily transactions, recovering overpaid and overcharged sales and use taxes, and defending our clients during sales tax audits.

Our goal is to be a profit center for our clients.

Tax Compliance Management

RSI Energy Solutions will work closely with your staff to identify and maximize existing tax reduction opportunities while assuring tax compliance.

Our sales and use tax consulting services will:

  • Help you identify and obtain certificates and permits.
  • Assist you in acquiring appropriate documentation from suppliers.
  • Confirm that local taxes are being collected in the correct local jurisdiction.
  • Provide guidance regarding multijurisdictional state tax laws.
  • Review capital projects that are at the AFE phase and provide tax guidance.
  • Identify large tax liabilities and correct the process so as to minimize future liabilities.  (Done as part of sales/use tax recovery audit)
  • Identify overpaid taxes and take corrective action to minimize future overpayments.  (Done as part of sales/use tax recovery audit)

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